The laboratory of your dreams

Builders, inventors, engineers, researchers and artists working together to create the future of Robotics, AI, Science and Art.

Creation in the heart of San Francisco.
"The progressive development of man is vitally dependent on invention. It's the most important product of his creative brain." - Nikola Tesla


San Francisco is the center of tech, but it's all happening behind closed doors.

The Mad Scientist Studio aims to be the XEROX Parc and The Homebrew Computer Club (where Steve Jobs and Wozniak used to hang out) of today.

The Homebrew Computer Club played an influential role in the development of the microcomputer revolution. We believe the same will happen in the next decade for robotics, AI, and AR.

"The Nerd Lab"
San Fransokyo

The Mad Scientist Studio is inspired by the Nerd Lab from the movie Big Hero 6. We share the dream of a futurist city combining the best of San Francisco and Tokyo, at the intersection of technology, art, cities, creation, and education.

Open Curiosity and Creation

The studio is where we will invent and disseminate new technology by hosting lectures, ML reading clubs, research discussions, tech demos, and other events.

In the heart of The Neighborhood

The Neighborhood is a form of "university campus" in San Francisco for modern adult living with lively intellectual culture and best friends to grow old with.

Over 1,000 ambitious, diverse nerds live within a square mile in central SF, optimizing for collaboration, friendship and serendipity.

Learn more about the The Neighborhood here.

Where ambitious nerds build.

Like a university lab, or robotics club - the studio is where ambitious nerds meet, build, have fun and help each other find purposeful work.

Exploring creativity, invention, creation and serendipity.

All the right tools for the most ambitious inventors.

Robot arms, advanced 3D printers, CNCs, laser cutters, electronics workbench, professional soldering stations, electronics test equipment, advanced electronics, etc.